27 Apr 2008


Hey, last Thursday me, my Dad and Ashley went climbing to Armathwaite. for those of you who don't know where or what Armathwaite is its a crag in the village of wait for it... Armathwaite! I think it is really called Coombs Crag but im not sure, its sandstone rock and is by the River Eden there is some really nice bouldering as well as routes but they can be abit greasy! Anyway it was a fantastic evening, we were planning to go to Gouther near Swindale but it was pissing down so we retreated to the shelter of Armathwaite.
Starting off with some bouldering with me and Ashley quickly sending problems 2,3,4,5 all in the V2-V5 range. Then moving onto some leading we climbed Flasherman a really good VS 4c that has some good exosure further up and the start is quite tasty too! Then we moved to the next line along Erection *lol* which is a fantastic climb with a rather nice and exposed crux which involved traversing under some blocks using some handjams with your left foot on some ledges stretching and your right foot stretched out on an edge feeling rather insecure you swing out to a good holds then power up past this and your away. All at the grade of HVS 5a. Feeling rather chuffed we moved to the Red Buttress to have a play on Paper Moon a classic E3 5c and some other climbs on the slab Devil Moon 6b/6c and New Moon E5 6b both havent seen repeats in a long time. We didn't get to try the last two but cruised Paper Moon on toprope it would be a whole new game though on the lead or solo which would better more efficient! Paper Moon isa delicate slab climb which is about F6b+/c on toprope, it is unprotected until past the crux even then its dubious. Following the over lap round using marginal holds and smears which results in a long reach to a crack far out to the right then a rather scary rock over into the groove and to the top.
With the daylight fading fast we headed back to Glenwillie Grooves, climbing this was very exciting we climbed with our big backpacks on in darkness feeling for handholds rather than looking, thankfully it is easy but it was hellish funespecially the tricky biy where have to heave yourself onto a ledge just before the top which turns out is hard with a backpack on that makes you twice as wide! We walked off back to the cars happy and discussing the panther that supposedly roams the woods and the ghost of the poor lady who died several months ago kayaking on the river.
Unfortunately the computer doesn't seem to recognised the pictures and they come up as pixelated messes!

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