23 Apr 2008


Climbing is one of the very few sports im quite good at along with football and tennis but they aren't as interesting to be honest. I have climbed since i was 10 after i went on a school residential and loved it! I started going to Kendal Wall soon after and have been going ever since and have made some good mates through it Sean, Dan and Jason legends with pasty. The staff at the wall are also cool Mark Dez and George are all very inspring George is a bloody good climber!

Since last Summer i started trad climbing outdoors, id sport climbed before a fair bit outside but trad is inexplicably fun. Some people may say sport climbing is crap and theres no good side to it, the same can be said of indoor climbing and even bouldering. But they let you focus on moving on the rock (or plastic) without having to wrry about dodgy gear or where the route goes. I consider my self to be an average climber i no im not fantastic but i hope to be one day. A few climbs im particulary proud of are- Cruxaki (free no aid whoop) f7a, Beanz Meanz E2 5b Squeeze My Lemon VS 5a and doing what i think is the first ascent of a boulder problem which is the Far Wall section of Windmore End (my local crag) which i think but this will need clarifying is V5/6 onsighting the crux moves.

Indoor climbing is good fun i dont care what people say its a laugh and now im laughing cos Man Utd just missed a penalty hahaha. Anyway indoor climbing good fun i have redpointed f7a and onsighted lots of 6b+ and 6c's.

Im now bored and astonished that i typed so much without giving up and going on the Wii.


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